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Freudenthal Hiking Trail

On foot through the Lüneburg Heath to Aller

Freudenthal hiking trail

Freudenthal hiking trail

The Freudenthal trail was planned in 1928 and is one of the main hiking trails in the heathland area of Lower Saxony.
The name commemorates the Freudenthal brothers, both sons of this landscape, who gave a literary face to the heathland even before Hermann Löns.

The markers – a white F, partially mirrored black – accompany us along the entire length of the trail starting in the district of Appelbüttel in Hamburg-Harburg; the trail ends at the town hall of Verden a.d. Aller.
The railway connects virtually every hiking destination along the trail (stations and stops: Hamburg-Harburg, Klecken, Holm-Seppensen, Büsenbachtal, Handeloh, Schneverdingen, Hemsen, Wolterdingen, Soltau, Dorfmark, Bad Fallingbostel, Walsrode and Verden/Aller). Make sure you plan your hike carefully during the months of July, August and September as accommodation is in great demand when the heather is in flower.

Trail section Hamburg-Harburg (Appelbüttel) – Holm-Seppensen,  26 km

Trail section Holm-Seppensen – Wilsede,  22 km
Büsenbachtal, the hiking trail turns right here and we reach the first larger area of heathland, am Pferdekopf. We continue to Inzmühlen via Handeloh. Continuing through the Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve, the Landrat-Ecker-Weg path leads to Thonhof and on to Meningen and Undeloh. The Heide-ErlebnisZentrum is a good place to take a break and learn about the history of the heathland in the modern, multimedia exhibition.  From Undeloh the path continues to Wilsede where we now ascend the 169 m high Wilseder Berg. On a clear day, the view from here is unique: surrounded by the silence and the vast expanse, we can spy the towers of Hamburg and Lüneburg on the horizon and the church tower of Soltau in the south. Continuing downhill, we reach Wilsede with the heathland museum “Dat ole Hus”.

Trail section Wilsede – Schneverdingen,  18 km
Wilsede, the old inhabited museum village, a unique heathland town, and we continue to the Totengrund. Niederhaverbeck, with nature information provided by the Verein Naturschutzpark e.V. At the end of the heathland area, we can make a detour to the ring wall of the Swedish fortifications; the Freudenthal trail continues left to Wümmeberg (104 m) with the views from the top. You can also visit Pietzmoor from here along a prepared 4.5 km circular route.

Trail section Schneverdingen- Soltau, 20 km
There might even be time to visit the Heritage House and the Doll and Toy Museum in Soltau.

Soltau – Bad Fallingbostel, 20 km

Bad Fallingbostel – Walsrode – Sieverdingen, 20 km

Sieverdingen – Verden/Aller, 21 km
We recommend visiting the cathedral and other places of interest in the equestrian city of Verden. It makes a worthy conclusion to the hike along the Freudenthal trail.

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