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Heathland Puzzle
Heathland Puzzle

Step by step through the heath – explore the individual puzzle pieces that make up the Lüneburg Heath on a single path.
The Lüneburg Heath Nature Park holds many natural treasures. One treasure is the many small and large areas of heathland scattered across the landscape like the individual pieces of the puzzle. The “Heidepuzzle” themed trail connects the individual areas together along the semi-natural paths.  Shoulder your backpack and look forward to the amazing synergy of forests and meadows, hills and river valleys as well as the delightful heathland areas.
Amelinghausen – Soderstorf – Hörpel – Egestorf – Hanstedt – Handeloh – Buchholz i.d. Nordheide

Total length: 75 km

Signposts: The trail is continuously signposted with public hiking path signs and intermediate signs (yellow arrow with black border).

Accessibility: The hiking trail is accessible all year round and the difference in altitude is minimal.


Heathland puzzle- Stage 1 Amelinghausen to Egestorf Stage kilometres: about 31 km
Heathland puzzle: Stage 2 Egestorf to Wesel Stage kilometres: 23 km, Birkenbank, Sudermühlen, Radenbachtal, Undeloh and Weseler Heath
Heathland puzzle: Stage 3 Wesel to Buchholz i.d. Nordheide Stage kilometres: about 21 km. The last stage leads through the Inzmühler Heath and via Handeloh into the picturesque Büsenbachtal.

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