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Heathland Sheep Trail

Hike and watch the heathland sheep

Heathland Sheep Trail
Heathland Sheep Trail

Heidschnuckenweg (Heathland Sheep Trail)

  • Location: in the Lüneburg Heath, start in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg and then continue through Lower Saxony
  • Starting & finishing point: Hamburg-Fischbek and Celle 
  • Distance: 223 km
  • Highest and lowest point: Wilseder Berg at 169 m above sea level
  • Effort: rather low, few ascents, natural paths
  • 13 day route
  • Railway connection available in: Buchholz, Handeloh, Schneverdingen and Soltau

A good tip:
Make sure you take plenty of water and food to eat with you as there are not many places where you can stop for refreshments in the heath.
Also enquire about our luggage transfer so you are not overly loaded down on your hike.
Many hosts happy to pick you up or take you to the station in Handeloh by prior arrangement.
Feel free to contact our office to find accommodation along the Heidschnuckenweg trail.

Highlights along the route:

  • Dibbersen windmill
  • Brunsberg
  • Büsenbachtal
  • Hexenhaus (witch’s cottage) Wesel
  • St. Magdalena Church
  • Heide-ErlebnisZentrum Undeloh
  • Radenbachtal
  • Wilsede
  • Totengrund
  • Wilseder Berg
  • Pietzmoor
  • Residence City of Celle
  • Ducal Palace of Celle

 223 impressive kilometres through more than 30 large and small heath landscapes. 
 1st stage: Hamburg-Fischbek - Buchholz i.d. Nordheide / 26 km
 2nd stage: Buchholz i.d. Nordheide - Handeloh / 15 km
 3rd stage: Handeloh - Undeloh / 17 km
Since this route section is so close to the source of the River Seeve, it practically resembles a jungle in the midst of the Lüneburg Heath.
The guest house and Hexenhaus (witch’s cottage), a tiny magical and very special registry office stand in the village centre of Wesel.
Past the fish ponds, also called Pastor Ponds, continue to Undeloh.  
Where once the old village oak stood, now stands the 800-year-old St. Magdalena Church, a stone church with a free-standing wooden bell tower.
The Heide-ErlebnisZentrum is also located in Undeloh – a modern museum on the history of the Lüneburg Heath – as well as numerous places to eat and stay overnight, a small "Hokerladen” shop featuring all manner of heathland specialities and almost more carriage horses than inhabitants.
 4th stage: Undeloh – via Wilsede  Niederhaverbeck / 14 km
 The heathland begins immediately after the village pond in Undeloh.
Look out for the “Wilseder Roten” – a type of cow – grazing in the Radenbach valley as a form of rural conservation and maybe you can catch a glimpse of the wild horses of Dülmen.
 The Heidschnuckenweg trail continues on the Pastor Bode trail to Wilsede. Wilsede is a shining example of a heathland village. It is car-free; a living village museum, a collection of widely separated half-timbered houses and historically well-preserved farmyards, completely surrounded by heathland with access to the Wilseder Berg and the Totengrund and Steingrund.
5th Niederhaverbeck - Schneeverdingen - Behringen (Variant Osterheide) / 21 km
 6th stage: Bispingen - Soltau / 23 km
 7th stage: Soltau - Wietzendorf / 18 km
 8th stage: Wietzendorf - Müden (Örtze) / 14 km
 9th stage: Müden (Örtze) - Fassberg / 7 km
 10th stage: Fassberg - Oberoher Heath / 19 km
 11th stage: Oberoher Heide - Weesen / 12 km
 12th stage: Weesen - Dehningshof / 13 km
 13th stage: Dehningshof - Residence City of Celle / 27 km

For more detailed information on the individual sections, see
Our team at the Tourist-Information Undeloh are happy to advise, Tel. +49 4189-333.

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