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Lilac Coronation

Lilac Coronation
Lilac Coronation

Lila Krönung (Lilac Coronation)

The “Lila Krönung” trail is a particular delight in August and September when the heather is in flower, it certainly does credit to its name. The trail leads through the largest neighbouring areas of the heathland in the Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve and is the most beautiful route between the two heathland villages of Amelinghausen and Schneverdingen. The two villages celebrate the blossoming heather in the form of a Heather Queen coronation every year.  
Route: Schneverdingen - Niederhaverbeck – Wilsede – Hörpel – Soderstorf - Amelinghausen

Total length: 46 km, no circular route

Accessibility: The trail is accessible all year round and is also suitable for inexperienced hikers.

A good tip:
Pack your backpack with enough to eat and drink. Refreshments are not available at every stage.

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