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Pastor Bode Trail

Pastor Bode Trail
Pastor Bode Trail

The Pastor Bode Trail is dedicated to the famous heathland pastor Wilhelm Bode (1860 1927).  As pastor of Egestorf, Wilhelm Bode worked tirelessly for the preservation of the heathland. The purchase of the Totengrund in 1906 and the establishment of the Verein Naturschutzpark (Nature Park Association ) in 1909 became the cornerstone of his initiative for today’s Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve.
Route: Lüneburg - Salzhausen - Egestorf – Wilsede
Total length: 44 km
Signposts: The trail is signposted with public path signs and intermediate signs (yellow arrow with black border).
Accessibility: The hiking trail is accessible all year round and the difference in altitude is minimal.

Stage kilometres: 21 km
Starting point is the Hanseatic salt trading town of Lüneburg, the Pastor Bode Trail starts at St Michael’s Church. Kalkberg, with views of the Hanseatic salt trading town of Lüneburg, then along the Hasenburger Bach, through the Böhmsholz, over the Hamberg and through Luhetal to Salzhausen. In Salzhausen, there is also another sign of the heathland pastor to be found. Wilhelm Bode was instrumental in the co-operative hospital founded here in 1898.

Stage kilometres: 14 km
The second stage mainly follows the old railway line from Egestorf to Winsen (Luhe), Wilhelm Bode was greatly committed to its construction.
But don’t expect to hear any trains. Quite the opposite in fact, the trail runs along peaceful, unspoiled paths.

Stage kilometres: 9 km
Today’s stage is historic in the truest sense of the word. As pastor Wilhelm Bode walked along this trail from Egestorf to Wilsede.
The trail leads through a forest, crossing the old postal route from Döhle to Sudermühlen, then opens up into the heathland area in front of you. Bee fences and a thatched sheepfold complete the typical heathland image. The path now leads into one of the smallest and most idyllic villages in the Lüneburg Heath, into the car-free heathland village of Wilsede.

The Totengrund and Steingrund, Wilseder Berg and Radenbachtal are also worth a visit.
And did you know that part of the Pastor Bode trail also belongs to the excellent Heidschnuckenweg (Heathland Sheep Trail)?

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